Wild Cat Mini Sessions in December - Skiing - Ages 5 - 12 (Must be 5 by September 1, 2020) Snowboarding - Ages 6 - 12 (Must be 6 by September 1, 2020)

8 - Week Wild Cat Program - Skiing - Ages 4-12  (Must be 4 by September 1, 2020)  Snowboarding - Ages 6-12 (Must be 6 by September 1, 2020)

Active Kids are Happy Kids! Get your kids outdoors, and have fun this winter at Wild Mountain. Enroll your child in one of Wiley’s Wild Cat Club ski or snowboard sessions and have a blast at our winter playground with other kids their age.  Safety is always our #1 priority and is cleverly woven into all of our game-aided learning. Our experienced team of coaches will guide your children in learning while exploring the great outdoors, making new friends, and gaining confidence, all while developing skills that will instill a lifelong love of the sport - Plus there's plenty of Hot Chocolate.  Try our Mini Sessions in December or join our eight-week program that starts in January.

Be sure to check out our Lease a Ski or Snowboard equipment program.  The take-home rental equipment is great for kids who grow out of their gear each season... or sooner!

How do I know my child's ability level? Click here for more information.

Click here to see how we organize our Wild Cat Ski Classes. 

Click here for Wild Cat child profile & photo release Form.


(skiers must be 5 years old by 9/1/20 & snowboarders must be 6 years old by 09/1/20)
Saturday11:00am-3:00pmDec. 12 & 19$149.00
Sunday11:00am-3:00pmDec. 13 & 20$149.00
(skiers must be 5 years old by 9/1/20 & snowboarders must be 6 years old by 09/1/20)
Saturday10:30am-12:30pmJan. 9 - Feb. 27$244.00
1:30pm-3:30pmJan. 9 - Feb. 27$244.00
Sunday10:30am-12:30pmJan. 10 - Feb 28$244.00
1:30pm-3:30pmJan 10 - Feb 28$244.00
*Prices above do not include a lift ticket or season pass.




No hassle rental at its best. This program is ideal for growing kids, bring them to Wild Mountain and let our knowledgeable rental staff fit them with a properly sized, comfortable boot. No need to ‘oversize’ for growing feet. Need a bigger size halfway through the season - come in and exchange! After you find the perfect boot we’ll match you with properly sized skis or board, compatible with you and your style of skiing or riding. Skiers grab a set of poles, sign the rental agreement and you are ready to go for the season. No more rental lines or rental expenses for the rest of the season, even if you visit another ski area. You take the equipment home with you every time, it’s ready to go whenever and wherever you go. No hassle, no fuss - simple and easy! At the end of the season return your equipment with normal wear and your deposit will be refunded.

Season Long Rental // 2020-2021 - Reserve Yours Now

 12 & Under: ski length 100-130 cm

(may need to upgrade to the adult ski length if height, weight or skier ability is above average)

Ski & Snowboard Pricing: $150 for the rental + $250 refundable deposit

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